9"x 6" Clamshell Take Out Containers, 2 Compartment Compostable Hinged Food Containers Disposable To

•Unlike traditional plastic or foam, our 9-inch natural takeaway boxes are made from sugarcane fiber, a rapidly degrading material that is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. They provide high level of durability and convenience of cleanup for you, your consumers, and the earth.
•Instead of taking out an extra bowl or plate, make full use of our to go box for a quick and simple lunch by heating it in the microwave. These sturdy containers are totally food safe and may be used in both hot and cold environment without risk of contamination.
•The lids are easy and quick to shut tight thanks to the tab and slot design. You can go and take it anywhere with the confidence that your food is safe and sound in our protective takeout box that will not easily open or spill.
Material Bagasse
Color white
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